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Bats are mammals and are cool to see flying around. They are not large in size like other mammals, but much smaller and known as tiny mammals. Even though they have wings like a bird, you would think that they lay eggs like a bird. Do bats lay eggs? Actually, they do not. They have a womb where the baby bats are formed and pushed out of the vagina like other mammals.

Let’s take a look.

Mother bat takes her young with her wherever she goes.

How Bats Give Birth

As stated above, bats don’t lay eggs and give birth to their young bats alive. They also raise their young like other mammals do and close to the way mammals do. This is done by nurturing their babies by producing milk from their glands which are called mammary.

They also create other resources for them to be able to survive. Bats nurse their young for 3 to 4 weeks. Baby bats do like to be with their mothers for up to 12 weeks and then go off on their own. In that 12-week period of time, the mother bat teaches her young pups what it needs to be able to survive. These are things such as hunting for food and also learning how to fly.

Pregnancy Durations Vary

The gestational period for bats is from 8-14 weeks and this is a long time compared to rodents. However, some bat species such as the big brown bat range from 44 and 54 days and this is a short cycle compared to others.

Vampire Bats are another type and they are found in South America and Central America their young pup is in the womb for 205 to 212 days before birth. Another cool fact about the vampire bat is that it only gives birth to one pup. This is different from the eastern red female bat that can give birth to up to four pups and pregnancy is 12 weeks.

Bats Like Their Colonies

When it is maternity season, many of the pregnant female bats like to stay warm. They will gather together and go through the birthing season together. About 50 bats make up a colony but sometimes you will see less, such as 15.

This season is usually spring and into early summer during the months of May until August. They like to roost together so they can give birth together and often return to the same place each year during pregnancy. Also in the roosts, they nurture the young until they are old enough to be on their own.

Bats hang upside down to give birth.

Hanging Upside Down To Give Birth

During birthing season, bats hang upside down. Sounds strange but it is very common for them. The pregnant bat will use her talons that are very strong and hold on to the surface. Often it is a tree branch, roof of a building or the cave ceiling. Once she is secure upside down, she starts to push out the pup. Then, the mother catches the pup before it falls and places it in her pouch. She does all of this while hanging upside down! Lastly, the mother bat then nurses the new pup.

What Do Bats Eat?

Bats will take their pups with them to look for food. The momma bat knows she needs to protect her young one and takes them wherever she goes to forage for food. There are a lot of species of bats in the world. They also have different diets. Some of the bats feed on seeds, pollen, fruit, insects, or other small animals.

While some of the other bats’ food sources are fruit and nectar. Many of the ones that are in the United States are insectivores, meaning that they only eat insects. When bats fly around at night, they are looking for mosquitoes and moths. Bats like to fly from plant to plant and play a big role in the ecosystem as they are a pollinator.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you know about bats giving birth, there are a few other areas of recommended maintenance to keep in mind. One of those is what bat poop looks like. If you are hearing things in your attic and wondering if it is bats, looking for their poop is a good idea. It is long round strips of excrement that look like a rugby ball.

Another area is possums. Many homeowners have dogs and worry about animals that may attack, such as a possum. Sometimes dogs will see a possum while out on a walk and usually the possum will run away or play dead but don’t usually attack dogs.

Lastly is bat bites. Hopefully, you don’t ever get too close to a bat, but if you do and are bitten it is a small bite and hard to recognize. However, it is less than 1mm in diameter and looks like a pinprick.

When Do I Call a Professional?

Bats are really neat mammals and don’t usually bother people. However, if you find one of their colonies, make sure to leave it alone. If you see an injured bat or have a concern about bats, you may need to contact a professional. Also, if you happen to find any in your home, a professional can help seal up the entry points and get them out.


The way that bats birth their young is interesting! Bats are good for the environment as they pollinate plants and also disperse seeds. However, sometimes they do get into the home and that is when you will want to have them removed. If you don’t have pest control services, it is a good idea to get it. Reach out to Inside and Out Pest Services in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas to get your pest inspection done today.

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