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Termite Inspection in Jacksonville, FL & St. Augustine, FL

Keeping your home protected from termites is important for the health and safety – of not only your family – but your home’s health too. Termites can wreak havoc on the structure of your home.

Getting a termite inspection in Jacksonville, FL and St. Augustine, FL with Inside & Out Pest Services will help you determine if there are termites in your home, and allow you to determine what the next steps are if the inspection does find pests.

Inside & Out will inspect the interior and exterior of the home, looking for evidence of unwelcome guests.


Why Do I Need A Termite Inspection?

A termite inspection involves the inspector coming to the home and looking at:

  • The exterior perimeter of the home
  • Crawl space, basement & attic
  • Garage

The inspector is looking for signs of termites, which include:

  • Wood flooring blisters
  • Damaged or Hollowed Wood
  • Drywood Droppings
  • Termite Wings
  • Mud Tubing

Termite Treatment in Jacksonville, FL & St. Augustine, FL

There are many different ways to treat for termites. There is Sentricon, Termidor, Termite tenting, and many other ways to treat. Depending on the time and location termites are located might influence the type of treatment your home may need. Ask us today to schedule a termite inspection, or other pest control service in Jacksonville, FL and St. Augustine, FL, so you can make sure you’re protecting your home.

Termite Treatment in Jacksonville, FL & St. Augustine, FL

Termites can wreak havoc on the structure of your home, which is why you should shield it from termites when you can.

Getting termite treatment in Jacksonville, FL and St. Augustine, FL with Inside & Out Pest Services will help you protect your home from termites before it’s too late.

Inside & Out will treat the interior and exterior of the home, protecting you and your family from any unwelcome guests.


What Termite Treatment Do I Need?


Termidor® termiticide is a defense product that protects against native subterranean termites, Formosan termites, and drywood termites.

The way it works is it utilizes an advanced nonrepellent liquid technology  which is undetectable to the termites. They cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid the termiticide. Instead, they contact, ingest, and share Termidor, completely unaware of it and resulting in the elimination of the termites.


Sentricon® is the number one brand in termite protection. Developed through extensive research on subterranean termite behavior, the Sentricon® System targets the entire termite colony.

Protect your home and your family by getting a termite inspection. If termites are present in your home, then we can determine the best action on how to eliminate the termite colony. If you have any questions about our termite treatments, or any of our other pest control services in Jacksonville, FL & St. Augustine, FL , feel free to contact us today!

Call: 904-395-1900

Pest Control Jacksonville & St. Augustine

Pests of different types can have a negative effect on your home and your family. Termites can cause structural damage. Mice and rats can carry diseases through your home. Inside and Out Pest Services offers different pest control services to meet your needs of keeping the house clean and all in one piece. We use green organic pest control products safely and strategically to ensure we are only targeting the pest and nothing else.

Pest Services

About Rodents in the Home

Unwanted rodents can be a real nuisance in the home. From chewing on wires to urination in places you can’t reach to clean, these rodents can cause damage that can be hard to fix if you don’t know where they are hiding out.

The attic is the most common place to find them since its warm and dark, and just out of reach from predators.


Our Rodent Exclusion in Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL

We’ll inspect the interior and exterior of the home to find signs of here rodents may be traveling in the home, as well as any spots that they may be attracted to in the home, like easy access to the dog food.

After we inspect, we will suggest what courses of action we recommend you take. We’ll set traps to lure the rodents, and from there it may take a day or a few weeks to be successful with traps. However, there are some rodents that can outsmart a trap if they’ve seen it before. If you have any questions about or rodent exclusion, or any of our other pest control services in Jacksonville, FL & St. Augustine, FL, feel free to call us today!

About Mosquitoes in Jacksonville, FL & St. Augustine, FL

Mosquitoes are a nuisance, even more so in Florida, where they are practically almost a year-round pest. They love the warm weather almost as much as Floridians do, more so for breeding purposes though. Mosquitoes also need standing water to breed in, along with the warm weather which is easily provided by Florida’s freshwater systems and rain storms. These mosquitoes can produce up to 100 eggs at a time in a 14-day period.

What is Treated?

A mosquito treatment involves the specialist coming to the home and looking at:

  • Mosquito resting areas
  • Swimming pools
  • Dips where water can easily pool

The specialist is will treat for:

  • Potential breeding locations
  • Adult resting areas
  • Reduce mosquito larvae
  • Repelling mosquitoes
  • All stages of mosquito growth

Mosquito Treatment in Jacksonville, FL & St. Augustine, FL

Mosquito treatment is very important for protecting your household, family,  and even pets can be bitten by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can carry life-threatening diseases such as Zika, West Nile virus, Malaria, and more. Eliminating mosquitoes and preventing more from growing as early as you can is best. If you have any questions about or mosquito treatment, or any of our other pest control services in Jacksonville, FL & St. Augustine, FL, feel free to call us today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you service?

Best pest control in JAX!!! Inside & out treats you like family. BJ & Mike are always available for questions and have amazing communication. They are extremely knowledgeable and are great educators. They are also super quick for emergency situations and always squeeze you into the schedule in a pinch! I would highly recommend going with Inside & Out!

Annie C.Customer

BJ was early to the house with one of his associates. He did a very thorough job, answered all my questions and provided his detailed inspection report on time. When I scheduled him to come out, his office also offered to arrange for the WDO inspection through a third party. There was some miscommunication about this and BJ saw that it was cleared up and the WDO inspection took place the next day. Overall, I was very satisfied and would recommend BJ and Inside & Out Property Inspectors, Inc to anyone.

Aaron L.Customer

Excellent!! Mike with Inside and Out Pest Control always shows up when he says he will. He is incredibly thorough as he know how much I hate bugs!! :). In fact, I wasn't home this time and when I texted him a question about my lawn (which they don't do) - he took the time to take a look at it, send me a picture and offer an explanation. I highly recommend Inside and Out Pest Control to all of my clients, friends and neighbors!!! I take comfort in knowing if I see a bug in my house I can call upon them and they will visit my home to take care of the situation ASAP.

Erica J.Customer