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Rats in the wild are rodents that we don’t want to see anytime, whether it is night or day. This is because they can bite and have diseases. They are looking for food sources and are nocturnal so they are seen mostly at night. However, do rats come out during the day? Yes, to find food, and also if they feel safer during the daylight hours, then they will come out during that time instead of the evening.

Let’s take a look at more information about rats so you know how to prevent them and keep an eye out.

When Are Rats Outside

As mentioned above, rats are nocturnal. They live close to humans and know to come out when they feel safest, which is usually after dark. However, many of them like to hang out near restaurants and clubs and these areas are not safe for them in the evening hours, as there is a lot of activity. Thus, they come out in the daytime to wander routes in search of food and water.

Other areas where you will see rats are gardens and outdoor areas.

  1. Gardens and yards – nuts, fruit trees, and vegetables. Bird feeders, food leftover on the grill, as well as pet food bowls.
  2. Dense vegetation – They like to stay under cover so dense vegetation is a good place for them. Rats can hide from predators. The animals that hunt them are hawks and other birds of prey.
  3. Garbage cans and poop- rats like the food in your garbage cans, as well as dog poop in the yard
Rats like dirty houses so keeping food off counters is a good idea.

Where Do Rats Hide During the Day

Inside the House

During the day if they are not looking for food sources, they are hiding. If a house is very dirty, they can be living in there. You may also find them if there are crevices and cracks in the home. Another area is drains. They can crawl up in the drains! Yuck! Keep an eye on the gutter and shower drains.

Air ducts are another place they like to hide. Additionally, under a stove, behind cabinets, under a refrigerator, in woodpiles, and in boxes used for storage. Ventilation system, drain, crawl spaces, basements, and attics. Here in the south, there are roof rats, so contacting a professional may be a good idea if you see one in our near your home.

Rats like sewers and may be out during the day.

Outside the House

If they are outside the house, they may hide under debris or trash. They will also hide in dumpsters and garbage cans, as well as sheds, bushes, rain gutters, and shrubs. If you are in a city, they hide in sewers.

How Do I Know If I Have a Rat Infestation

You may have an infestation if you see:

  1. Nesting material such as plants, paper, or fabric.
  2. Holes in floors and walls that have been chewed through.
  3. Droppings in a certain area and it looks like a lot.
  4. Smells that are strange, along with seeing a rat during the daytime hours.

You also may see the same rat, or several during the day and can call a professional if you are concerned.

Here is a video about getting rid of rodents in the walls

Recommended Maintenance

Now that you know about where rats are during the day, let’s take a look at other areas of maintenance around the home. One of those is termites. While you are in your yard, you might see termites. Hopefully, you don’t, but keep in mind that they don’t usually bite people. However, it may happen if you handle a soldier termite.

Another area to keep an eye on is foxes. If there are foxes in the area, keeping the windows closed at night will be a good idea. As foxes live in dens, the red ones can climb trees and may do this to escape a predator, to rest, or for bird eggs.

Lastly, you might find ants in the bathroom. It is a good idea to find the source of the food and the entry points. Things such as cracks in the wall or hair that is fermenting in the sink can attract ants so you want to take care of the problem right away.

When to Call A Professional

Having rats in your yard or home is a problem. It is something that you want to take care of right away and contacting a pest control professional is a good idea. They have the expertise in rodent exclusion to get rid of them and help advise how to keep them away. Also, rats can bite so you don’t want to get too close.


Call your local pest control company if you see or suspect you have rats in the home or yard. Remember, they can come out in the daytime so it is not unusual to see them. Your pest control company can also do a home inspection to see where the rats are coming into the home so you can get rid of them quickly and hopefully without a lot of damage. Reach out to Inside and Out Pest Services in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas to get your pest inspection done today.

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