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Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility. In this case, pest control is one of the many responsibilities of a homeowner. Whether you call on your local pest control company or you attempt to do it yourself, keeping spiders away can be problematic. Keep in mind, there are a variety of ways that you can keep spiders and other insects away from your home. Do mothballs keep spiders away? Yes, the mothball lets off an odor that is not popular with spiders’ senses.

Let’s take a look below at some more details regarding spiders and mothballs.

How Do Moth Balls Keep Spiders Away?

Mothballs are pesticides that work by evaporation. As the mothball disintegrates, the chemical is released into the air. The foul scent that is released becomes a spider repellent and gets rid of spiders. They are repelled by this naturally occurring scent. With that being said, spiders will avoid mothballs at all costs.

Mothballs are great at keeping spiders away.

Why Should I Use Mothballs?

Believe it or not, there are a few reasons why mothballs work wonders. Not only do they kill moths, their eggs, and their larvae, but they can keep snakes, rodents, and spiders away. Anything that can work as a natural repellent like essential oils, is great. Let’s take a look below at why you should use mothballs.

  • Fast acting – The moment that you put mothballs out they begin to work. The air begins to break down the mohball, which releases a chemical deterrent to the insects and rodents. This is important if you are needing to control an infestation.
  • Easy setup – Placing mothballs around the outside of your home is quick and easy. You can pour them into a plastic bag or spread them out where you see the most insect issues. Either way, the chemical released will surely be smelled.
  • Safety – Although getting too close to the scent of a mothball can cause illness to humans, you can take precautions to avoid this scenario. Wearing a safety mask and gloves allows you to take your time when placing mothballs around your home.

How to Keep Spiders Away With Mothballs?

Just like any project, there is a step-by-step process that should be followed. Let’s take a look below at what is recommended for this project.

  1. Plan it out – Having a plan of where you want the mothballs to go is important. Consider all of the areas where your pets and children might play. Consequently, avoid any of those areas. Look to place mothballs under storage sheds, in your attic space, under a crawlspace, or even small potted plants.
  2. Jar usage – If you are leaving the mothballs in a jar, used your hammer and a nail to pierce a few holes into the lid of the jar. This ensures that the evaporating chemical is released into the surrounding air. It also protects your family from coming into contact with the mothballs.
  3. Read the directions – Once you purchase mothballs, be sure to read the warning labels and directions on how to apply the product. Accidentally mixing the mothballs with something else in the environment could prove to be hazardous to your health. Also, avoid skin contact with mothballs. Consequently, keeping them away from your skin, eyes, and mouth is key.
  4. Safe placement – Put gloves on your hands to protect your skin while you handle the mothballs. Place a few mothballs in a jar and re-attach the lid. Then place the jar in the desired location.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you understand how mothballs work with regard to spiders, be sure to read up on if spiders are attracted to light. Many homeowners believe that light attracts just about any insect. However, each species of spider prefer its own cozy space.

Next, be sure to pay attention to what other rodents or insects mothballs might deter or kill. You will want to be sure that everything is done in the most environmentally friendly way. If you can find an alternative to mothballs, it is typically recommended.

Lastly, in keeping with the theme of insect attraction to light. Also, read up on if mosquitos are attracted to light. You might be surprised to find an answer different from your original thought.

Spiders love warm concrete, so place the mothballs in safe areas that also get warm.

When Do I Call A Professional?

Finding a lot of spiders camping out in and around your home can serve as a nuisance. No homeowner really enjoys seeing a bunch of spider webs and spiders in their home. Also, depending on where you live, spiders can cause a health risk. Brown recluse spiders love the temperatures and humidity in the Southern states. Additionally, Black Widows love to hide in dark and damp places. Make sure you call on your local pest control company to assist with any spider infestations.


When spiders are found around or in your home, it is almost always due to access to food. Spiders will set up their webs in areas of the home where they can catch some food. Also, keep in mind that spiders are great for catching mosquitos and flies, which reduces a nuisance around your home. Although, having mothballs keep the spiders away is a great idea. What will keep the other insects away? Reach out to your local home inspection team for a full pest inspection and consulting regarding spiders. Reach out to Inside and Out Pest Services in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas to get your pest inspection done today.

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