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Understanding how your local ecosystem is set up is a great way to figure out what type of pest control you might need. One creature that might be prevalent in areas with a high mosquito population is the bat. However, it is not so easy to just see bats around your home. Most homeowners will keep their ears open in hopes to hear bats. What do bats sound like? Bat sounds are like clicks, and when slowed sound like bird chirps. The species of bat determines the sound made.

Let’s take a look below at some more information regarding bat sounds.

Bat sounds vary based on the species of bat.

Can Humans Hear Bat Sounds?

Believe it or not, bats use echolocation sounds that are so ultrasonic or high in frequency that they are not heard by humans. However, due to their nocturnal nature, you might hear bats chirps and squeaks in the evening or early morning. Essentially, from dusk to dawn.

Bat vocalizations are ultrasonic sounds that allow them to communicate with each other. These vocalizations sound like clicking. Bat noises vary based on the species of bat. Some will use their tongues, others will use their nostrils and others will use their vocal cords.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you know what bats sound like, you can read up on if bats are dangerous in your home. Bats carry disease and are known to urinate and leave droppings and make a huge mess of your home. Call your local pest control company to get them removed.

Next, a good way to identify if you have bats in your attic or walls is by knowing what bat poop looks like. Read up on what bat poop looks like so that you don’t confuse it with rodent poop.

Lastly, when it comes to pest control, find different ways to keep insects away from your home. Keeping insects away will also keep bats from wanting to get near your home. Try using mothballs to keep spiders away.

Install a bat house to keep them from wanting to fly into your home.

When Do I Call A Professional?

When dealing with bats in your home, you can often hear them rustling around in the attic or the wall cavities and hear scratching noises. Additionally, this would be a great time to call your local pest control company to conduct your bat removal. Also, you can utilize your local wildlife control company to assist with any bat infestation.


Bats in your home, attic, or basement areas can be very problematic. Most homeowners are not trying to remove bats on their own. Bats carry diseases and can cause major health issues in your home. Additionally, they will make a huge mess in your attic or walls if they gain access to your home. Also, use your local pest control company to help remove the bats from your home. Reach out to Inside and Out Pest Services in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas to get your pest inspection done today.

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